Lisa Dymond

Principle Cornet

Lisa started playing at the age of 6, on cornet, with Launceston Band, where she remained for 12 years. During that period, Lisa played at numerous concerts and contests including in Brittany. Lisa then moved to Holsworthy Town Band where she remained until breaking off from banding due to work commitments. Following a six year break, Lisa has now returned to Launceston Town Band.


Jeanette Neale

2nd Cornet

I started learning the cornet when, in my day job as a teacher, I had to help the children learn. My son William was already learning and I had enjoyed attending his rehearsals and performances. After a few months of learning with the children at school Ann suggested I knew enough to join in with Christmas Carols in the town, so I did! That was nearly two years ago now and since then I've been attending practice sessions at the band and have been privileged to be allowed to join the senior band. Sometimes the challenge seems huge when faced with a new piece of music but I can assure anyone thinking of taking up playing that the reward of being in the band when your part is contributing to performance is great. We are very lucky in Launceston Town Band that we are supported by our town and being part of that is very special


William Neale

Solo Cornet

We saw an advert in the paper and I thought it sounded fun to learn an instrument. When we found the band room I was given an instrument to try and thought this is something I wanted to do. Since then I have passed my grade 1 music exam and played in competitions in Launceston and Torquay. I really enjoy being in the team and one of my favourite times to play was when we played at the Launceston and Redruth rugby match. Next step for me is doing my grade 3 exam.


Tamara Baldamus-Mercer

2nd Cornet

Hi, I have been playing the cornet for a little over 2 yrs.. Secretly I always wanted to play the trumpet, but thought like so many: “That is not for me, I cannot do it.” One day I decided:" No, I want to try it!” Here I am now.
love playing the cornet  and everybody tells me what a good thing it is for asthmatics. I certainly breathe a lot deeper now ! Apart from this its lovely to be part of a group and  share some of our enjoyment of music with the community around us.
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Nickey Isbel

3rd Cornet

More details coming soon! We're just waiting for the biography elves to come up with the perfect description of Nickey

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Ewan Murray

Solo Cornet

More details coming soon! We're just waiting for the biography elves to come up with the perfect description of Ewan!


Brian Balsdon

3rd Cornet

When I was young, maybe 6 or 7yrs old, I liked looking in music shop windows, and always wanted a brass instrument.
When I was 12 my uncle gave me a violin, as there were opportunities to have violin lessons at Launceston College, I had lessons for 3 years, but never advanced very far, so gave up the violin.

After leaving school I purchased a piano accordion, which I still enjoy playing. A few years ago I went to market to buy cattle, but arrived home with a cornet, and after a bit of practice.

I was playing a few hymn tunes, as they were played on the radio. Then 5-6 years ago at the age of 73 I turned up at the LTB practice room, which I still go to twice a week. I enjoy playing there, but I`m not making much progress, I will stay and try to get better, until kicked out. I am very grateful for the patience the M.D and Ann show towards me.

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