Organiser: Chairman Mike Warne
South Trelawny, Roydon Road, Launceston PL15 8DW
Tel: 01566772701

Our Supporters’ Club is a small lottery for which the subscription is £20 per year. We hope that you will not consider this too much. By comparison, the subscription for Launceston Rugby Club Supporters’ Club is now £52 per year and Launceston Cricket Club is the same.


We give back approximately half of the money raised in our monthly prize draws. Winners are listed here, and notified by post:

September 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 68 Miss Gemma Brown 1272 £30
2nd 7 Mr Keith Henry 1273 £20
3rd 30 Mrs Kate Bye 1274 £15

August 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 39 Mr M A Luxton 1269 £30
2nd 46 Mr Neville Helme 1270 £20
3rd 55 Mrs Joan Uglow 1271 £15

July 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 127 Mrs Jackie Osbourne 1266 £30
2nd 55 Mr Peter Mitchell 1267 £20
3rd 75 Mrs Cherry Warne 1268 £15

June 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 127 Peter & Jenny Birkett 1263 £30
2nd 55 Joan Uglow 1264 £20
3rd 75 Kivells 1265 £15

May 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 54 Barbara Rowe 1260 £30
2nd 139 Gill Perry 1261 £20
3rd 130 Parnalls 1262 £15

April 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 90 Colin Venton 1257 £30
2nd 52 John Hawking 1258 £20
3rd 22 Sheila Jordan 1259 £15

March 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 54 Mrs Barbara Rowe 1253 £30
2nd 101 Dave & Carol Baker 1254 £20
3rd 126 Maureen Wooldridge 1255 £15

February 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 51 Cherry Warne 1250 £30
2nd 84 Maureen Whiting 1251 £20
3rd 80 John Mullins 1252 £15

January 2019

Prize Number Name Cheque Amount
1st 65 Mary Tucker 1247 £30
2nd 138 Peter Mitchell 1248 £20
3rd 120 Barbara Bloomfields 1249 £15


If you would like to join, it would be helpful and would save administration and costs, if you did this by standing order. You can download an SC Standing Order Mandate from this site if you are happy to do so or contact the Organiser direct on 01566772701 or and he will send you one. Please give it directly to your bank if you prefer but if you do this, please let the Organiser have a note of your name, address and telephone number so that he can send you any prizes you win or contact you if necessary.

We do hope that you will support the band by joining the Supporters’ Club, if possible by standing order. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, you can send the Organiser a cheque for £20 made payable to Launceston Town Band Supporters’ Club.

The money raised is typically used towards the purchase of new instruments, whether for the senior band, training band or beginners, rather than on the ordinary running costs of the band.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to Gift Aid membership of our Supporters’ Club. If you are a standard or higher rate taxpayer and regard your subscription to our Supporters’ Club as a donation, as some prizewinners seem to do by refusing to accept any prize money, please go to Make a donation. If you are already a member of the Supporters’ Club please also let the Organiser know if you wish to end your membership.